Article Writing

Articles are everywhere on the internet. Anytime you visit a news website, blog, or read any type of content on the internet, then you are basically reading an article that was written by someone else.

Of course, not everyone likes to write articles for their websites or newspapers. That is why they hire article writers like us to do the job for them. If you need us to write you an article, then we are here to help.

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Book Writing

You may think that books are old fashioned in todays technological world, but they are actually just as popular now as they were in the days before computers.

The only difference is now people like to read digital books, also known as eBooks. If you have an idea for a book, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, let Lee Writing Services turn your idea into a complete book. The length of the book is up to you.

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Before a movie gets made, there has to be a screenplay written first which outlines every scene and every piece of dialogue in the film. Without screenplays, directors and producers wouldn’t know what to film with their cameras.

If you are trying to make a film or just have a good idea for one, let us write the screenplay to that film for you.

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Meet the head writer!

Hello, my name is Russell Lee. I am the leading writer for Lee Writing Services.

This website has been redesigned to make navigation simple. If you have any questions about the writing services provided here, use the contact link in the navigational bar.

Thank you!



300 words $7
600 words $14
900 words $21


2,500 words $75
5,000 words $150
10,000 words $300


25 pages $175
45 pages $350
90 pages $699

Customer reviews

“Easy to work with Lee Writing Services. Always a good job and very timely.”

– Bike Tourist Magazine

“Very fast turn around on their work. The work is very high quality. I recommend them to other people who are looking for a good writer for their project.”

– Global Pictures Limited

“The work they did for me was completed on time. I will work with them again in the future.”

– Marty Sky Productions Limited

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